What our Clients Say?

Unlearn to learn new

I have been working on diet changes for several years one step at a time. Learning more about health and making changes takes time. Your class is another step in un-learning what I am used to cooking and eating.

Jewelry Designer

Wellness Kitchen

Knowing & Hands on Cooking

It is always challenging to figure out what to eat, let alone actually prepare food that is edible and satisfying. Renew your skills to cook delicious meals that are wholesome, nutritious and supports your energy, vitality and overall health.

The Wellness Kitchen features hands-on wellness and therapeutic cooking classes, health and nutrition lectures, demonstrations led by health & wellness professionals with culinary arts.

Topics include a wide variety of foods and techniques ranging from low sodium, dairy or gluten-free cooking to ingredients and combinations designed for specific health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart health, allergies and digestive issues. Our curriculum and classes will enlighten and give you the tools for a more healthy approach to recovery and life.

What can I expect?

Our 3 hour class dedicated to your well-being and appetite. Each Wellness Kitchen class focuses on a particular body system or health concern. Holistic Health Practitioner, Chandra Varatharajan begins each class with an overview of how each body system works and shows how food can support as well as hinder the balance of that body system. Then a hands-on cooking demonstration will follow which ends with sharing the gourmet wholesome food.

The recipes and topics for each class rotate regularly based on sign ups. Watch the Calendar and sign up for the Wellness Square newsletter for updates. Feel free to suggest a topic. We will do our best to get it on the calendar.

How to Enroll?

Once we have the minimum five people signed up for a subject / class, we put that class (3 hours) on the next month’s calendar. All classes require prepayment and are non-refundable as this assures the scheduled classes do not get canceled for no-shows.

Our curriculum and classes will enlighten and give you the tools for a more healthy approach to recovery and life. Sign up and we will provide you the tools you need to utilize whole foods in our state of art wellness kitchen.

Check our events and schedules


  • Weight Management
  • Detoxification and Elimination
  • Inflammation: Foods that Support and Hinder
  • Cholesterol’s Role and Cardiovascular Supportive Foods
  • Blood Sugar: Benefits of a Low Glycemic Diet

What our Clients Say?

I enjoyed this class and love how I feel since changing my diet. I cannot tell you how happy I am. This class and learning were a game changer for me


“Game Changer”—Savitha, Home Maker, Coimbatore

 You are what you eat. What would YOU like to be? 

-Julie Murphy, Nutrition Across A Lifetime