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Tribest Wolfgang Grain Mill

What our Clients Say?

Powerhouse machine

I love this machine. I use in quite often to make a variety of juice drinks. Yes it is a bit of a chore to clean, but if you do it right away and get into a routine in only takes about 10 minutes to get it done. I love that it doesn't heat the jui...

  • Effortlessly transforms 3.5 ounces of grain into the fresh flour every minute.
  • Ultra-hard ceramic and corundum grinding mechanisms are infinitely adjustable
  • Beautiful beech cabinet.
  • Industrial-strength motor.
  • Low profile that fits easily into any kitchen.

German-engineered and German-made, the Wolfgang’s low, 13.25” profile fits easily into any kitchen, yet its larger-than-life performance rivals that of even its largest competitors. With an astonishing 3.5 oz/minute grinding capacity for even the finest flours, its ultra-hard ceramic and corundum millstones make fast work of even the toughest grains. Powered by an industrial strength motor, it will provide maximum service to you and your loved ones for many years to come. Elegantly housed in a magnificent beech wood cabinet, it looks as good as it performs and will inspire conversation as well as cooking!

Product Review

As for the mill itself, it is comparatively quiet, very fast, and it self-cleans. The ground flour flows into whatever container you place under the spout simplifying the cleaning process. There are no storage bins to brush out to avoid mixing one type of flour with another.

There is also no flour dust in the air, and the ground flour is much cooler than that from other mills.

Its only drawback is its inability to grind dried beans, but I found that a small Kitchen Aid coffee grinder can grind the beans into flour quite adequately without the Noise and Dust created by other mills which grind grain and beans.


“The best home grain mill”- Lakshmi, On June 16, 2014

Over the last dozen years (or so) I’ve owned the Nutrimill and WonderMill – both worked fine, the problem really only was they both were not made to last as long as I wanted them too. So after the second mill died, I searched for a new grinder that would last. I was tired of replacing them. I wasn’t sure about spending so much, however after spending some time researching my options I decided to purchase the Wolfgang. WOW, is all I can say – I’m now spoiled, this mill can do way more than the mills I’ve owned before. It has given me more options on what I can do with grains. The quality is outstanding. Been bragging to all my friends. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!


“Great investment!!”- Krishnaveni, On September 2, 2014